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COVID-19 Policies and The Wichita Swim School

In regards to COVID-19 & variants
The WSC has adopted the latest recommendations provided by the CDC/Sedgwick Country Health Department. For a full explanation and how it applies to each individual and family situation, please click here for more details.
As always if you are sick, feverish, or have any signs and symptoms of illness please stay home and get well. By following these guidelines, you help us keep are community safe and our facility well.
At this time our staff and swimmers remain in a healthy state, thank you for helping keep WSC well and swimming forward.

In Health and Safety
Emily McVay
WSC Program Director

 Wichita Swim School is a licensed provider of Swim America. We teach America to Swim for health, safety, fun, and fitness. Learning to swim is a necessary lifesaving skill that doubles as a fun lifetime sport. 


The Wichita Swim School offers certified Swim America Coaches that instruct high quality lessons with a low swimmer to instructor ratio.  We want what is best for your child.  Wichita Swim Club strives for each swimmer to receive the best education and experience through swimming to prepare them to be champions in life, both in AND out of the water.The emphasis of the Wichita Swim School Program is to teach proper swim techniques while learning basic water safety in a fun, energetic atmosphere.  SwimAmerica was developed by coaches of the American Swimming Coaches Association in order to provide the finest learn-to-swim program available.  The SwimAmerica coaching staff has been professionally trained to offer your child the latest in teaching and learning.  SwimAmerica is both goal driven and technique oriented.  Children are taught in small groups (4:1) and have the ability to move up to progressively higher stations as they achieve the goals of their current group. 

The number one goal of our program is to teach your child to REALLY swim- increasing their chance of surviving in the event of a water emergency.  Our second goal is to teach them to swim well by emphasizing correct competitive swimming techniques from the start.  Streamline, body-roll, and bi-lateral breathing are just a few of the skills taught in SwimAmerica.  At all times, a Program Director or Site-Supervisor is on deck to review skills, assist coaches, and communicate with parents and guardians.  WE encourage you to contact us with questions, concerns, or comments, PLEASE! 

Take some time to read through our Stations Description Page.  It was designed to give parents a better understanding of what you can expect to see as your child progresses through SwimAmerica lessons at Wichita Swim Club.  We encourage a celebration after each child moves up with a station sticker and a picture at our “W” sign. 

In Health and Safety,
Emily McVay
Wichita Swim School Director